Saturday, October 07, 2006

A Whole New Face

I've moved over to Blogger beta, which is meant to be more user friendly and flexible. So far, I agree, except that IE 7.0 wouldn't save my color changes. Any comments on the layout, colors, etc.? I'm looking at you, E____ G_____.


Kevin said...

Isn't Treat Her Right a little retro you? Did you mean for the page to be so yellow? Yes, yes, start the Kevin is color blind jokes.

Carrie said...

A college friend recently reminded me that Treat Her Right was awesome, so I've been listening to that album a lot in the car. The songs "Hank" and "Junkyard" are both great--they really stand up well after 20 years.

As for the yellow, yes it should be pale yellow. Is it bright on your screen? It should be pale--I think that white can be too bright.

Kevin said...

"King of Beers" has been on various mix CDs since you first introduced them to me. There stuff is a lot more accesable than Morphine.

On my Macs the yellow is bright, I haven't seen it at work on a windows machine yet.