Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Christine, We Hardly Knew Ye

Out in the mail today, the second pair of Death Socks. I'm still alive, as is my assassin. How much longer can this go on???

Isn't the yarn beautiful? I would have liked to have kept them, but they are on their way to kill, kill, kill. The socks will have traveled about 4700 miles in their deadly journey by the time they reach their target.

I'm a little concerned that one is slightly smaller than the other, being knit by different people (Kate knit 1 and an inch or so of the 2nd). But the difference isn't enough to have merited a needle change, and will probably not be noticeable once they're worn--it's only apparent when the socks are stacked on top of each other.

I finished the socks (or to be fair, sock) on Sunday, but due to the mail holiday on Monday they didn't go out until this morning. With all of that extra time, I packaged them up nice. I borrowed the yarn graphic from Kate's Etsy Shop.

One last photo for today:
Frieda, the Beached Whale.


Laura said...

Dude, I can't believe you made a customized label for your socks! I love it!!

kate said...

oh my god that label rocks! yay!!! i hope the recepient likes them -- any word yet? (and lets not talk about how you had the time to finish my socks AND make a beautiful customized label, okay?) i still haven't even had time to photograph well and post about yours (although they have been washed twice due to lots of snuggly wearing, and thus are getting good use and still look great!)

Carrie said...

It seriously took less time to make the label than to take the photo of my dog, who is living up to her nickname, "Little Fatty". Christine said that she loves the socks, and she did have time to kill off her target, so that's good too.