Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Las Vegas: The Travel (with Deadly Sock)

Travelling to Las Vegas was very easy, very smooth. Nobody else sat in my row, which allowed me to take photos that I would normally feel too stupid to take. Here's a photo out the window, probably somewhere in Nevada, although I can't really say for sure.

No photos were taken on the flight back, it was a 7am flight so it was much too early to think about anything. The weather wasn't as nice, either, and my row was full, so I didn't want to seem too weird.

While flying, I worked on the latest pair of Sock Wars killer socks, both on the way to Vegas (pictured here) and the way back. I'm at the part in the sock where I knit and knit, but it feels like there is no progress whatsoever. I'm hoping to finish them up tonight, and mail them out tomorrow, but it may take a little longer yet.

The flights went by very quickly, I listed to some NPR podcasts both ways. The main NPR station here in Seattle isn't always easy to tune in in my area, and it plays waaaaaaay too much Prairie Home Companion, so it was nice listening to the "NPR Shuffle"--especially the Billy Bragg interview, I'm a huge fan of his. I still kind of expect the programs on the NPR station here to be the same as in Boston, so now I never know when anything is on, either.

Here's the Socks enjoying their own seat, along with the other critical companion on a flight--the iPod. Note that the socks were not buckled in, but were stowed during takeoff and landing.

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Kevin said...

Did you have any problems getting those pointy needles on the plane? Seems like a TSA story waiting to happen: "Death Needles Banned in Seattle!"