Sunday, October 15, 2006

Only Four Months Late

Back in June, Frieda and I visited Boston and stayed with E_____ G______. During that time, a promise was made (freely, with no persuasion or trickery by E_____) that I would make her a skirt like one that I had brought with me. My skirt was tone-on-tone black, with a ruffle made from goldfish fabric. I thought that E____ might like something a little less fishy, so I made hers with peony fabric on the ruffle. The black is different, it's from a collection of fabric that's called something like "Circus Time", but is a pretty subtle dot print. The pattern is pretty simple, although the French seams really slowed down the process. Mostly because they involve a lot of very close ironing, resulting in scorched fingers pretty much every time I worked on it.

It goes in the mail on Monday, E____!

On another topic, I'm planning to go and see the Beastie Boys in Las Vegas on Oct. 23--anyone else interested? I think that the tickets might be sold out now, but there are always scalpers.

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Kevin said...

I hope you aren't planning on taking the girls to Vegas, they are way too young for that!

Carrie said...

No way am I taking those little rat dogs, they would totally cramp my style at the show. Plus, Frieda isn't a huge fan of the Beastie Boys--she doesn't understand the humor of their music, she can't mentally move past "Fight for Your Right (to Party)".

Anonymous said...

I love it!! Thanks for all of your hard work. E_____ G_________