Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Dormant Work in Progress: The Stripey Scarf

I started this scarf last winter, it was meant to be a Christmas 2005 gift, or maybe it was a birthday present in the early part of 2006. I don't really remember. And I don't remember offhand what the rib pattern was, although I know I have it written down somewhere and that it came from this book. The yarn is Classic Elite Inca Alpaca, which I've used before in a very nice VERY LARGE shawl. That shawl was only one color, however, so there weren't so many ends to weave in. I read some sage advice today from Yarn Harlot's book about weaving ends in as you go, in order to prevent NOT EVER weaving them in, and I think that I should take this advice. The plan is for the rest of the scarf is to continue in grey until I have about a skein left, and then reverse the order of the stripes so that the ends match. I am still on board with this plan, although I'm worried that I'll lose the paper with the tick-marks on it, and then the ends will never ever match.
Here are some closeups:

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