Sunday, June 27, 2010

So Sorry, Super Purple Girl


J____'s birthday has come and gone, and her skirt is still not quite finished, along with my blog posts about Sasquatch, and some baby gifts that really need work. I'm not finishing much of anything these days, because I'm spending a lot of quality time with some Excel models & in a ton of meetings. I'm hoping that this lighten up a bit in July. Really, really hoping. Just like I'm hoping that this


is enough yarn to finish. I've knit a picot row & 3.5 rows afterward, and should knit a few more rows before binding off. I may just knit to the beginning of the round, though, and use another color in the he, to make sure I've got enough of the dark blue to sew the hem (or tack down the live stitches). Wish me luck!

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Note: Not one to disappoint a 5 year old, I found the perfect baseball hat for her. Purple, sparkly, and with (I kid you not) a big purple unicorn next to the Seattle Mariners' logo. Only available in youth sizes, unfortunately.