Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Dormant Work In Progress: The Beaded Scarf

I think that every so often, it's a good idea to discuss a not-so-current Work In Progress. These are items that may have gotten off to a good start, but at some point fell off the radar screen. I have a virtually endless supply of these (don't look at me like that--I am NOT alone), although certain items may be difficult to locate, and/or are living an independent life in a Somerville basement. By going through these project, I'm hoping to either find some motivation to pick them up again, or to find the courage to permanently abandon (i.e. rip out or otherwise destroy) the project in favor of a clean slate of some sort.

WIP #1: Beaded Scarf from Scarf Style by Pam Allen

Yarn: Wool Cashmere blend that I purchased at vintage goods booth at a sewing expo. It's a very fine gauge, but with two strands it's a nice weight for this skinny scarf.

Needles: #7 red plastic needles, which look hideous with this particular yarn.

Beads: I bought some frosted purple beads to use, but couldn't find them when it was time to start the scarf. Instead, I found some gold-ish seed beads. I like the beading pattern, although it was very time-consuming to strand the beads and I strung a few extra that are now just hanging out on the yarn. From this point until the mid-point of the scarf, it's all stockinette, i.e. dullsville.

The future of this project is promising, although I don't feel any urgency at all to pick it up again. It is a very portable project, a good alternative to the sock project to keep in my purse. However, I should keep track of the rows, since the scarf is made in two halves and then grafted together. If my graft turns out a little sloppy, I'd like the halves to be the same length.

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