Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Las Vegas: The Ambiance

The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is right next to the Hard Rock Cafe, which is marked by a giant guitar. Kitty-corner from the Hard Rock Cafe is the Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas, which I sadly did not visit. I considered a nice plate of schnitzel and gurkensalat with a gigantic Munich-style beer, and then I pictured myself napping through the rock show.

The Hard Rock Hotel has good rooms, with huge flat screen televisions. However, I got the feeling that if they could tack on a surcharge for turning the television on and off, they would. For instance, on top of the room rate, they charge a $5 club fee. I'm not sure if this club has meetings, or a charter, or what, but I didn't get anything out of this fee. Also, the hotel has a gym, but in order to use it there is a $20 gym fee. Good thing that I didn't have time for that!

As with all Hard Rock affiliated places, the hotel has a stunning array of rock memorabilia. Nirvana guitars, Axl Rose leather kilt, even a Britney Spears schoolgirl outfit. But my favorite, the only thing that I took a photo of, is to the right--the Donnie Wahlberg doll. Maybe I shouldn't have given the one that I bought at Toys-R-Us for $5 in the early 90's to Beauregard Kahn, the Concerted Efforts dog. I think I still have the sneakers--do you think they'd put those in a case? They have been known to moonwalk. Note to B_____ G___: I think you've finally found a way to pay for K______'s college. I believe that yours in in mint condition!

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