Friday, October 27, 2006

Dormant Work in Progress - Gull Stitch Baby Cardigan(s)

The first time that I made this sweater, it was 1989 or 1990, and it was a gift for the man who helped us book bands at Wellesley. I had only relearned to knit the summer before, so I'm not sure that the sweater even made it though one wearing / washing. The yarn for that one was dark green. I've made maybe 10 of these since then, they're pretty quick to knit, the don't take a lot of yarn, and there isn't much sewing at the end because they're knit neck down in one piece. The pattern was in the first or second Vogue Knitting that I bought, but it is also in Knitter's Almanac by Elizabeth Zimmerman

I remember that this yarn came from a store in Ballard that I think has closed now, but I have no idea when I bought it or whose baby this was for. The name of the yarn is Bambino, its a lightweight wool, probably washable. I hate the needle that this is on, and I don't know exactly where I am in the pattern, but I think that this is salvageable--I probably have the information about this in one of my 10,000 little knitting notebooks. Hopefully, it's one that is here, rather than in S____ M_____'s basement, in storage. I definitely want to put it on new needles, though.

This sweater didn't fare so well, I didn't make it past the yoke before wanting to use the needles (or maybe the rest of the yarn) for something else. Again, no idea who I started this for, or when. The yarn is Baby Ull by Dale of Norway. The red more or less obscures the pattern, but it's same as the yellow sweater. How lazy am I, that I haven't ripped this out yet? Even now, as I sit here typing about it, I have no intention of ripping it out, although it clearly has to happen.

See the pattern better, in black & white.

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J____C____wants a sweater...add that to your dormant works list.