Sunday, October 08, 2006

Skulls, Sox, French Seams

It's almost Halloween!!!! Time to start a bunch of different Halloween crafts, and see if any end up finished. Also time to break out my Day of the Dead bag, which I made a few years ago. It's still perfect for this time of the year.

In non-Halloween related news, I'm still alive in Sock Wars, and have received and started to finish the socks started by my target. The yarn is very nice, see "before" photo here. The colors are great, and there has been no color pooling at all. Hopefully, I'll finish knitting today and will send them off on Tuesday to my new target, Christine. Hopefully, Christine will make good progress and possibly kill off Christy before my socks arrive.

This weekend I finally finished the skirt for E_____ G______, I powered through the inevitably scorched fingers, I just need to do a final look-over to see if there are any threads peeking out through the seams. The french seams look good (on the inside at least), but they made hem difficult to roll properly, and the amount of ironing did result in burns that I normally never get. The seams might be more successful on a skirt with maybe three pieces, instead of seven, and a straight hem. I'm not 100% happy with the rolled hem, it's both a new technique and a tricky thing to master. I have not mastered it, and I will not be offended if E___ takes it to a tailor to redo. But I won't pay for the tailor, E_____!

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kate said...

i am glad you like the socks (in progress) and i hope you stay alive, too!!! (and it is getting chilly here and i wore mine a lot last week -- yum! they are perfect house slipper/socks for the fall). don't worry about sending the needle back -- it was my little gift to you for taking so long to send you your artillery (and the postage would cost just as much as the needle does, anyway)! -k