Sunday, October 29, 2006

So long, Dibbus!

The third pair of Sock Wars socks are finished, and ready to wing their way to the Netherlands for my first international kill. Please--do not alert Interpol. It's just a game, people.

Given that they've been widely exposed to the puppies, and Vegas, I thought I should wash them before mailing. I didn't take them to see the Beastie Boys, but who knows what germs lurk in the Hard Rock Hotel. Ugh, I'm sorry I even wrote that, because I really, really don't want to know. For these socks, I used the same yarn from Fancy Image Yarns that I used on the first pair, because Dibbus' original assassin received socks but didn't send SIP or yarn to her killer. This yarn is hand-dyed merino, and the colors are slightly less freakishly bright than they appear in the photos.

To the right are the drying socks, again looking very very bright. The cuffs seem short to me, and they look even shorter here, but they do contain the required number of Rib of Death rows. Heh, heh--death row. Anyway, count them if you don't believe me.

Sock Wars started with 772 players, and there are 147 still alive. I'm in the top 20%, which surprises me because my assassin is still alive. Maybe the long distance to be crossed by these socks will finally lead to my death. I can barely stand the suspense, but am glad that I can get back to some other projects.

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