Tuesday, March 27, 2007

STR Sock #1 - Inside Out

I finished sock #1 of the first installment of the 2007 Rockin' Sock Club while flying home from Boston last night. Here's the outside:


Here's the inside:


It fits really well, nice and snug. I hope that it will stay up o.k., it does seem like it will. I used size 0 Knitpicks circulars for the toe, foot, and heel, but switched to size 2 for the leg. I love the way the cables look, how they just grow out of the foot and how they are reversable.

I wanted to start sock #2 during the rest of the flight, but the man sitting in the aisle seat made it pretty clear that he didn't want me to get up to access my carry-on--taking up the whole empty seat between us, including spreading out a variety of cups and cans on the extra tray table, and making a big deal of getting up the other time. I decided that it probably wasn't worth the trouble, especially since I was very tired and the start of this sock is new to me so it requires some concentration.

I was tempted to go another 10 rows, but I don't want to run short of yarn on Sock #2 and have to break into this:


I love the tiny skein! Although I'm glad that yarn normally comes in larger sizes--it would be a pain to splice a million of these together!!


CurlyBrunette said...

Great sock Carrie! You commented on my blog about the doxie shakers. I enabled e-mail in my profile if you want to e-mail me about them. I am so impressed with your socks that I am going to work on mine right now! Almost time to turn the heel!

Kristy said...

Great sock! I need to get started on mine. Sorry about the annoying plane guy :/

tiennie said...

I think it looks so pretty so far. I've seen other people's and theirs seem to pool a lot. I don't notice it that much on yours.