Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Back on Track


After a stupidity-related hiatus (I left the pattern at home when I went to PHX), the Monsoon socks are back on track. I had a few offers for pattern help from some very kind Phoenix area knitters, but it was really too hot for me to knit much. Plus, I had a few other things to work on, so I decided to wait until I was home. Last night I finished the heel and switched to larger needles for the leg. I'm not yet to the first cable, so I'm not 100% sure that I switched to the right size needle--Knitpicks US#2--I should know in another couple of inches. I really like the way that other RSC knitters' socks have turned out, and the way that the stripes are shaping up. It does freak me out a little to see the sock growing in the leg-up direction, I haven't made toe-up socks before!

As for the new knitting I started in PHX, it has been ripped back and will probably be restarted on the Boston trip. I checked out the pattern, and I think I used smaller needles last time, so I'm planning to go down to US#0. Here's how it looks now:


I love the way the beads space out when I rip out the rows--they bunch up again in places, but are (or should be) very even. Maybe a future project would be a cuff that randomly spaces the beads like this?


E to the M said...

I love these. I've been thinking of garter short row heels and toes a lot lately. I think it will be the order of the day on the next pair of socks.

tiennie said...

Those are going to be awesome!

Sarah said...

I was wondering about your needles. Are they the knit Picks Options or circulars? Because I didin't think I could order options small enought for my socks.

Please let me know

Anonymous said...

I don't think you are ever going to finish my socks... -EG