Sunday, March 18, 2007

Roll Out the Barrel!


At the Milwaukee Brewer's games they sing "Roll Out the Barrel" after "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" during the 7th inning stretch. Also, they ran the sausage races (the Polish was the winner), and Felix Hernandez had to hit because it's a National League park. Awesome.

The M's won today, which made this a pretty fun game to watch, although it was clearly a spring training game with some mistakes / moves that we're unlikely to see in the regular season. We started out three rows above the dugout--our seats were a few rows back, but getting to them would have been tough so we sat in some open seats instead. After the owners of those seats came along, we basically bounced around from seat to seat in order to keep in the shade--the temperature was perfect in the shade!

Guide to photos:
Row 1, L to R: Maryvale Park scoreboard, Jeremy Reed, Yuniesky Betancourt
Row 2, L to R: Ichiro, M's warming up, Leprechaun sock checks out the park
Row 3, L to R: Sausage races, Kenji Johjima, Felix Hernadez bats

I'm not loving the Leprechaun sock, I might end up ripping it out when I get back home. I've made some mistakes (nothing critical), and I think I might rather use this yarn for a plainer pattern. The Jaywalker leg isn't super elastic, and it's kind of tight to get over my heel although then the leg fits fine. I don't want to spend a ton of time on a sock I'm never going to wear . . . although since this is most appropriate only one day a year it isn't as if it needs to be in heavy rotation!

Tomorrow's our last day in AZ, and then in a few days I leave for Boston. It will be about a 70 degree temperature swing, and I'm looking forward to it. I've avoided sunburn so far (giant ugly hat, lots of sunscreen), but have still managed to get some sort of heat rash. Stupid Norwegian skin!

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Laura said...

Your sock pictures crack me up...kind of like the Roaming Gnome, you could start a new movement. The Traveling Sock. :) I wonder if you are going to be back here on Wednesday....