Sunday, March 04, 2007

Fresh Like an Irish Spring

I'm still waiting for my Rockin' Sock Club package, and was getting a little bored with Wicked, so I dove into some new yarn that I picked up at Renaissance Yarns on Friday:

St. Patrick's Sock Yarn

It's Duet Sock Yarn by A Swell Yarn Shop, in the Leprechaun colorway. This yarn comes as a set--self striping yarn plus a little contrasting yarn for the heel & toe. Here's a close up:


And here's how far I got on a pair of Jaywalkers before realizing that I was knitting socks for a giant instead of for myself:

St. Patrick Day's Shoes

This is the big problem with two socks at once--by the time you know that your gauge is off, there's a lot to rip out. I'm restarting on one sock, on size US 0 needles. Of course, I'm not sure why I'm knitting wool St. Patrick's Day socks, given that I'll be in AZ at Spring Training on the 17th. At least it takes the pressure off for finishing them on time!


tiennie said...

I thought that the Jaywalkers came out a bit baggy too but I kind of liked it slouchy. Pretty spring color though!

knitten kitten said...

Your wicked looks great and I love those socks, ZSo cheerful. BTW, thanks so much for the pattern! You're a doll!

Angela said...

Love the pattern you are using for the Duet Sock Yarn!
You must be a loose knitter too if you are knitting on 0s!
The striping looks really neat in that pattern!!