Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Wherever You Go, Wherever You Land

Wilco @ Tanglewood 8/12/2008

clockwise from top left: Tanglewood is pretty, Wilco Rocks, Annie Monkey also loves Wilco, Wilco Rocks Some More

Ah, to be back in Boston, for more than 48 hours. I probably did as much in 5 days as I normally do in a weekend trip, but with much more sleep thrown in. Not very productive, but I'm not as wiped out as I would be otherwise, so that's great.

The Wilco show at Tanglewood was the big event, and it was a completely different kind of show than the Fairbanks show I went to last month. In Fairbanks, the vibe was very laid back, and the venue and crowd were relatively small, so it was easy to get close to the stage and/or move around. Plus, it was still light out when the show ended--that was unusual for me. At Tanglewood, the vibe was much more energetic, much more rock, with a full horn section and glittery, Nudie-suit type outfits. Our seats were pretty far away from the stage, though the view was still o.k.--the Boston Symphony Orchestra performs at Tanglewood all summer, so the layout is meant for a seated audience and there isn't enough slope to provide great views to the back. The place was also p-a-c-k-e-d. I loved it! Loved it! (I would have loved it more if they had played my request for Blue Eyed Soul / Too Far Apart, but not much more).

Other highlights:

  • A trip to Tanglewoods meant that we drove close enough to Northampton for a side trip to Webs. I picked up some yarn--are you surprised? There was a lot of yarn there, in a lot of colors. I wish that I had been more prepared to shop, but then again, I still probably picked up more than I needed.
  • The All Star Sandwich Bar. Seriously, if you are in the greater Cambridge / Inman Square area, you must eat there. And you must order a side dish of sweet pickles, and you really should also have an order of devilled eggs. 99 cents for three egg halves!
  • Miracle of Science is also delicious, if you are closer to Central Square.
  • Emma's pizza is also delicious, and I've almost forgiven them for not smoking their own chicken anymore.
  • I highly recommend hanging out with my friends, particularly if an evening of trivia (or cancelled-due-to-electrical-outage-trivia) is part of your plans. But if I revealed their true whereabouts, they wouldn't have time for me when I come to visit, so you'll just have to ferret them out on your own. Bars are a good place to start looking.
  • Mamma Mia is a really fun movie. There, A___, I said it! Fun!

I did some more knitting too, on the Orange Oolongs, and will post photos tomorrow or over the weekend--got to get back to them now!

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