Monday, August 11, 2008

Orange Olympic Oolongs: Day Four


This pattern is really cool. This yarn is really cool (why is it discontinued??). Progress is being made, the first heel flap is within sight. But it's really hard to photograph that orange--it's so bright that it glows on the camera screen, and is only slightly less oversaturated on the computer. I've taken some iPhone photos that are a little less glowing, but color still overshadows the really cool lacey cabley pattern--the black & white photo above shows off the pattern better.

The safety pin is what I was using as a cable needle, since I forgot to pack one on Friday and didn't realize it until I was at Safeco Field. I've also used a paperclip and a plastic darning needle to cable, and of these three the darning needle is by far the best. I visited Woolcott & Co. yesterday, and picked up an actual cable needle, but haven't used it yet. I suspect that the darning needle may still be the best option.

Today, my friends are working and it's cool and rainy here in Somerville, so I'm doing a little work myself and hope to get some serious knitting in later. Or napping. Less work, more nap?


Jessica said...

What about cabling without a cable needle? The easiest option of all.

Ella said...

I'm all for less work, more nap. I've been petitioning for siesta for years, but it's not taking. *sigh*

I love the orange. Totally draws attention to a beautiful pattern!

tiennie said...

This is really beautiful!