Sunday, August 31, 2008

Bumbershoot 2008, Day 2: How to Avoid All Lines

Bumbershoot 2008, Day 2

After a rainy morning and a day playing catchup, I only made it to Bumbershoot to see Jakob Dylan this evening. Totally worth the trip, and I managed to squeeze in a quick look at Flatstock. I found a poster (center row, far right) that I really liked, but by the time I went to the ATM and came back it wasn't on the wall and things were being packed up. I'll check again for it tomorrow, and I see that I can order it online. Other than Jakob Dylan's set, the highlight was meat on a stick (delicious BBQ pork), and not standing in any lines. Tomorrow I'm hoping to be there the whole day, so there probably will be some lines, and I'll try not to complain as much as I did yesterday.

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alexdesign1 said...

Did you take these shots with your iPhone? They look so professional! I'm impressed...