Sunday, August 03, 2008

Can't Sleep . . . Socks'll Eat Me

Another Sock

Same photo, different sock. I couldn't resist starting a new project, but I still want to save the Oolongs for the Olympics. You know, because Olympic Orange Oolongs is a catchy name. Above is the start of the right Maelstrom sock, knit in Heirloom Tomato Sundara sock. You may remember this yarn from my failed Bayerische socks, I like it better with this pattern so far. The Maelstrom pattern is more about motion than about small details or individual stitches, so I think that the variation in the yarn will not interfere with the overall look, the way it did with the Bayerische socks. I've finished the ribbing, the set up rows, and one repeat of the pattern. Can I go to sleep now, please?

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emicat said...

wow, that yarn is gorgeous! The pattern looks great too. Look forward to seeing how those turn out.