Friday, August 15, 2008

It's Getting Better All The Time

Ravelympics: Day 8

Oolong, 8/15/2008

It's been awhile since I posted a photo of the Olympic Orange Oolong socks, so here's an update! Of course, it's only been a few days, but in that time I finished the leg, knit the heel flap and turned the corner, and am getting tantilizingly close to the toe. I had hoped to be done with sock #1 by today, but the last couple of days in Mass were spent behind the wheel or rocking out, neither of which is compatable with turning a heel. I had a little counting problem with the heel turn, and my first attempt ended up very off-center. I'm not sure if it's because I mis-counted and made a wider or narrower heel flap, or what, but it was an easy enough adjustment and the heel feels good on my foot.

If I knit these again, I may make the leg a repeat or two longer, although I don't think that would work with the Principessa yarn--the yardage is very close to what is called for, and I'm still slightly concerned that I'll run out at the toe. I have about 10g left, or 20% of the skein, so hopefully it won't be an issue. I've got a few ideas about what to do if I run out, since I can't get more of this discontinued, purchased-in-Venice yarn. Contrast color toes, or striped toes, or something along those lines--or the more drastic path of making shorter socks for someone else. There are no good alternatives.

This past week I have only worked on this sock, and although I really like the sock and the pattern my fingers are itching a little to move onto something else, possibly because I'm tired of all the orange photos I've been posting. I've ordered the pattern and yarn for the Baby Yours sweater (because I don't already have enough patterns/yarn to deal with), and it may be tough to hold off if I get it before these socks are done. I'm planning to use Socks That Rock Medium weight in Brick, although I love the original blue as well. Hmm . . . maybe I should think less about knitting, and knit more--maybe that would work?

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Cactusneedles said...

Those are looking great! I like the color!