Saturday, August 30, 2008

Slowly Twisting in the Wind

Cables, Baby!

I was out of town on a work trip for a few days this week, and although I should have my whole 3 day Bumbershoot weekend mapped out, I'm a little too wiped out to be in full rock festival mode. There are a few loose ends from the week to wrap up, and all of my clothes are dirty, and the weather is more like October than August today. Instead of handling the laundry or powering through the work last night, I started a Baby Yours sweater. The yarn and pattern arrived while I was out of town, and although I wish that I hadn't switched colors at the last minute (I had originally decided to make a red sweater), I like the way this is coming together. The blue of the Nyame is a little yellower and paler than I expected, but it's certainly baby-appropriate. It doesn't really look like the color that the sample is knitted in (although it is), but that could be light related. I'm knitting the 6 month size, which should only take up one skein. I probably won't carry this project with me, but it should still be a fairly quick knit.

Time to start on my list of things to get done before I go into the city--I'm sure that once I'm eating meat on a stick at Seattle Center, I'll be much less lethargic.


Slowly Twisting in the Wind: "Twisting" by They Might Be Giants. Whole quote: "She wants to see you again, she wants to see you again . . . slowly twisting, in the wind". Other fav lyrics from that song: "She doesn't have to have her Young Fresh Fellows tape back now. There's not a lot of things that she'll take back".

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