Thursday, June 07, 2007

Work on WIP Week: Mr. Stripey

Yesterday, I planned to either keep working on Wicked or the Print O' the Wave Shawl. Instead, I spent hours adding tons of yarn and a few projects to Ravelry. I'm already feeling more organized, and also a little guilty about all of the yarn in the stash that I don't even remember buying. I mean a t a l l. Here are some of the yarns I added over the past couple of days:


Hmm, I guess I have a lot of brown in the stash--or at least in this layer of it. It's fun to photography & catalog yarn. How

P1020230This evening, after a very mediocre performance by my pop culture trivia team, I managed to resist ravelry in favor of Mr. Stripey. Mr. Stripey is a sock that I started late last summer, and I've worked on it very sporadically since then. He may, in fact, be the first sock I ever started, although I've finished many socks since then. The socks are on the stretchy side, and I probably should have knit them on US#1 needles instead of US#2, but they are still acceptable.

Named after a tomato plant that also features stripes, I may be lucky to finish this pair before the new Mr. Stripey plant bears fruit. Still, this evening I started the toe, and I'm pretty sure I can finish this tomorrow and cast on sock #2. This photo is pretty terrible, so I'm keeping it small--it's past my bedtime now and I took the easy way out and used the flash. Once this sock is done, I'll take some better photos & provide a full recap.


Dipsy said...

Oh, I really love these yarns, their colors are so soft and warm - very beautiful! Your sock rocks big time too, another really gorgeous colorway - looking forward to seeing more of it! Happy Knitting!

Kristy said...

I love your Ravelry pics! They're gorgeous.

I wonder if you're the only person who has a sock named after a tomato plant :) It's looking great!

Debra said...

Ravelry: found you! Great photos. I wish I had more time to upload/work with the site-- time will come.

Last February I was really taken with Opal's Hundertwasser line. Have you seen Nona's Sidewinder pattern? I'm slating "Der Blau Mond" (the same colorway you have) for these!

jessica said...

Lovely yarn colors! All my favorite. Ravelry seems like a great web site. I have yet to receive my invite and so haven't explored it yet. I can't wait!

Alliesw said...

It's a really neat thing to pick up an almost finished sock from a year ago and then start the next, because when you get the 2nd one done, it feels like the first, and yet you have a pair (can you tell I have done this delayed finish a few times myself?).

tiennie said...

I know what you mean about Ravelry sucking you in! I have to stay away in order to finish things!

Cactusneedles said...

I like Mr. Stripey. His colors are very soothing. And I like your collection, those are colors I'd go for. Have a great one:)