Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Progress on Mr. Stripey

I've decided to name the new sock project Mr. Stripey, in honor of the beautiful stripes that are appearing like magic as I knit--see the progress to the right. I thought that this would be just a variegated, heathery yarn, but these stripes are really really pretty and a great surprise. Generally, when a surprise (or Ueberraschung, as we say auf Deutsch) appears in knitting, it leads to the ripping out or total abandonment of said project, so this is great.

I'm growing a tomato plant called Mr. Stripey that may or may not produce some giant striped tomatoes. You can see the stripes a little on the green fruit to the right, but given that it's starting to feel like Fall in the Pacific Northwest, I'm not sure that it will turn red. The only reason that I picked this plant is that E____ G_____ grew a mighty giant tomato from one a few summers ago, and the name cracked me enough that that I felt I had to grow my own. Sadly, E___ came to visit me when the tomato was ripening, and he met his demise due to overripening and a giant pest of some sort. Poor Mr. "Somerville" Stripey--this sock is dedicated to you.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Stripey! What a name! I can't believe you didn't make it green and call it Mr. Gergen! Next project...

I was going to ask if you could cross-stitch a noose for me (you can call it "Mr. Cobain") after the Red Sox got crushed by the Yankees, but decided otherwise. It appears as though the Uber-Mets will win the eventual matchup anyways...I wrote in the Soxaholix blog, I'd be glad to see Grady Little get a WS ring. While I shared the angst after he left Pedro in, in 2003, he's one of 'the good guys'...

Glad to see your family is multiplying. Was that a natural occurrence or off-the-shelf?

You are doing a great job on the blog...I would never have thought that such a community for knitting existed, it would have been great for my sis and mom when they were into it...just hope that this doesn't lead to some Washington Freedom Militia activities...keep it clean, Workman...BQ

Carrie said...

Gergen was on the Colbert Report tonight, he held his own! I will definitely name a project after him soon, Gergen!

Gretel is the semi-evil half sister of the Angelic Frieda. She's got a mean little face, that Gretel.

Baseball is driving me nuts--usually, the Red Sox pick it up just as the M's throw in the towel, but this year they both had an excellent chance at the end of July but blew it big time in August. At least the Red Sox can point the finger at injury--the M's have only mental breakdowns to blame. Booooooo.