Tuesday, June 19, 2007

I am an Admiral of the Sea

I'm way behind on blogging, and I blame Ravelry. I'm starting to get concerned that I'm never going to finish any knitting, because I'm obsessively surfing and documenting my stash and projects. And hoping that I'll have more friend invitations, and wondering whether I should just start sending a lot of them. My handle is clwork, if you want to be my friend! It's like junior high all over again, but without a permanent wave or leg-o-mutton sleeves. I've signed up to help with some data clean-up, which is one of my hidden talents.

Sailor Girl Socks
In the meantime, I have made progress on the Sailor Girl garter rib socks. These go pretty quickly because the yarn is DK weight, and the pattern takes no effort to memorize--no chart or book to carry around. I'm just one gusset decrease before I get to the tube part of the foot and these go back into rotation as car socks. I love the colors, I like the rib pattern, but now that I see how pretty the stripes are on the bottom of the foot I kind of wish that I had knit pSailor Girl Heellain stockinette socks. I don't wish it enough to rip out two perfectly good looking socks, however. To the right is a slightly-washed-out close up of the heel, the heel flap is eye of the partridge with garter edges. I cobbled the pieces of this pattern together from Sensational Knitted Socks, and although the first heel was easy to turn, the second heel took at least three tries--even though I'd written down the number of stitches to use. Obviously, I have trouble counting--the center of the heel was waaaay off center.

I have an unusually busy social schedule for the rest of the week, with two baseball games, trivia night, and the Western Washington Quilt Shop Hop. Hopefully, I will get some knitting in tonight, I need to make a decision about which heel to keep and which to rip out on the Sockapalooza socks. I didn't quite have the necessary focus over the weekend to make any headway, but the socks are about even so I need to decide how much further to knit before I really decide. I'd like to finish the pair by the end of June or early in July, so I don't get too stressed out about them.


Holly said...

Well, I still like your sockapalooza pattern choice. Unless they are too short, I say go with them.
And that new pair has wonderful colors. But keep the pattern, just switch to SS for the foot if you want to enjoy it for a while.
Then you have both.

Beth said...

I think they look great! Don't rip 'em.

www.knittingnutter.com said...

I'm so with you on ravelry - what an obsession! Love your socks.

tiennie said...

Ravelry is such a time suck! I love checking in all the time to see what people are up to and doing!