Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Work on WIP Week: Wicked!

I should have waited until Wednesday to use that title . . . it could have been WIP Work Week Wednesday: Wicked!

I received an invitation to Ravelry this morning, so I haven't spent much time on Wicked, today's long-ignored WIP. I submitted my name awhile ago for Ravelry, and had just about convinced myself that I wasn't really interested in it, but it is really, really cool. I can totally understand why they haven't opened it up yet to all comers, and I regret my impatience. All users can enter info about the yarns and patterns they are using if they can't already find them in the system, and I think that the data would be a total mess if thousands of people started using it right out of the gate. If anyone reading this is still waiting for an invite, you can start getting ready by uploading yarn and project photos to Flickr--that's been the most time consuming part for me, along with finding the stupid ball bands that litter my house. I've uploaded some current / recent projects, and some yarn as well. My Ravelry handle is clwork if you want to check any of it out.

Back to the WIP: I'm knitting a little on Wicked, which I shouldn't have ignored for so long. I'm at the mindless stockinette stage, and I've been using socks for the zoned-out knitting that I could have spent on this. Tonight I've knit about three rows of black stockinette--I don't see any point in posting a new photo of that.

Instead, here's a look at the three fabrics I used in my sewing project over the weekend:


Although I prefer to pick out my own fabric color combos, I do appreciate the ease of using three fabrics from the same collection. Whatever I'm making (I'll post photos later in the week or over the weekend), it won't go with charcoal Wicked when it's finally done.

Must resist temptation to start up on Ravelry again before bedtime!

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tiennie said...

I love Ravelry! It's fantastic isn't it?