Monday, June 04, 2007

Bus Wheels Spinning, Song Birds Singing, Break My Heart

Those song birds that have been waking Frieda up at 5am are killing me, but hopefully it will be cool enough tonight too keep the window closed.

The School Bus Socks are coming along very nicely, I've finished the legs, heel flap & heel, and I'm working on the gussets. Here they are from the tops:


Here they are on the heel side:

SB Heels

The heel flaps stripe up a little weirdly, but I love the black triangle on the bottom of the heel. Right now I have three pair of socks that are at the "pay attention" stage (the Sockapalooza pair is an always pay attention pair), so I'd like to get these past the gusset in the next day or so.

Here are the Sailor Girl socks, which are just about at the heel flap point:


I'm not sure what happened with those wider stripes--I think I must have relaxed a little while I was knitting these on the way to Sasquatch.


amanda j said...

Both sock pairs look fantastic! We don't have the yellow and black buses so those socks remind me of bumble bees.

As a sock knitter, you have to learn to love the weird stripings, don't you?

tiennie said...

Very nice! The 2 at a time thing is not something I've yet tried.