Friday, June 08, 2007

Work on WIP Week: Mr. Stripey is now Half a Pair

Thanks for all of the nice comments about Mr. Stripey--seeing them on the blog was definitely the highlight of my day! I arrived home later than expected this evening, but I did finish Stripey #1:


This is definitely a sock that will benefit from a soak and a block, but I'll likely wait until Mr. Stripey the Younger is complete. Here's another view:


Oh, how I love the striping on the heel flap! I haven't cast on sock #2 yet, but I'll try to do that this weekend. I'm really looking forward to seeing how much my gauge has changed in the last 10 months--these socks are definitely not "perfect" enough to be a gift, but even I won't wear socks of two noticeably different sizes.

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tiennie said...

Very nice!