Saturday, January 20, 2007

This yarn be short, says I

O.K., it isn't really the yarn that's short, it's that my brother has a gigantic head, and gigantic heads need gigantic hats. Given that my last pirate hat was on the small side, I went up a couple of needle sizes, and I tried to knit a little looser, and it turns out that this uses up a fair amount more yarn than V1. This is how close I am to finishing the body of the hat:

The gigantic pirate hat

I've started moving to double pointed needles, I'm about three rows from the end of the chart. This is how much charcoal yarn I have left:

The Bad Skein

Yikes! I do have another ball of yarn, but this is annoying--I'll use a couple of yards at most, and then I'll forget it ever happened, and potentially run out the next time I need a full skein. I had leftovers from the other hat but I don't think that the dyelots are the same, and I have no idea where to find the yarn in my messy, messy yarn storage area. So I say, in my most piratey voice: "Arrrrrrrrrrgh"!

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