Monday, January 15, 2007

A Little Knitting

It feels like most of my recent posts have been only slightly related to knitting--a little something about the snow, a little something about the weather, a little something about the "running" challenge that I've started. So this post is about a little knitting, here and there. First, a photo of the felted bowl that I gave to E__ C_____ for the holidays. Her daughter J____ has decided that it makes a great hat, even though there's not a lot of give to the felted fabric, and it's made of pretty itchy wool. Maybe the draw was that it matches her purple pants? The hatbowl is made of Manos del Uruguay wool on size 15 dpns, and then felted. The pattern is from One Skein by Leigh Radford, I've made three of these bowls now and have plans (and yarn) to make several more.

Over the weekend I went to Palo Alto, CA for a lavish 21st birthday party (stop laughing--I didn't say it was mine). On the way down, I finished the first Anemoi mitten, and will post photos of it soon. I forgot to bring instructions for the tubular cast-on with me, so instead of a second mitten I started a second We Call Them Pirates hat. This one is for my brother and his gigantic head, so I've gone up to a size 6 needle and it seems like it should be large enough. The last one was a little smaller than I expected it to be, after all. I've joined the We Call Them Pirates knitalong (although this qualifies for the Stranded Colorwork KAL, too), and I already regret that I haven't tried this in other, non-standard colors. Maybe I'll have to make a third one, maybe one to keep for myself.

One knitalong project that I'm way behind on is Larissa's Socks 101 project. I started these just after returning from Boston, and it's been pretty slow going. I'm knitting two socks at once, and am at the part that feels like it will never end. The pattern is very straightforward (it's meant to be for first-time sock knitters, but I'm having Sock Wars flashbacks that are slowing me down. I love the yarn, though--it's Manos del Uruguay wool (like the bowl above), which will be slightly fulled when I finally finish them. Hopefully soon--the target end date (which was completely reasonable for a project of this size) has come and gone.

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