Sunday, September 17, 2006


The Pirate Hat is completed, blocked, and dry. The fabric has smoothed out a lot, and it looks really nice, but it is still too small for my giant head, and probably for the head of either of the two people I was thinking that this hat might suit. Next time, I'll go up a needle size. For the extra giant head of my brother (not one of the original possible recipients, due to giant head), heavier yarn might also be in order. Giant. Head.

One thing I really like about the design of the hat is the way the four panels come together at the top. I have had trouble with this type of thing in the past, so the results are particularly pleasing. I like the balance of light and dark at the top, too.

The inside looks pretty good--notice the Blood Red Lining. I tried to be diligent about carrying the yarn evenly across the back, but I like that the lining covers up the part that is most likely to be handled and therefore snagged.

Project Recap:

  • Pattern: Hello Yarn (there are other great patterns there)
  • Main Yarn: Dale of Norway Heilo, one skein charcoal and one skein cream
  • Lining Yarn:GGH Merino Soft, fairly small amount of red
  • Needles: Size 1 (lining) and 3 (all else), 16" circulars. Origin of each unknown, but the size 1 is brutally sharp. Do not attempt to take on a plane!!!


cinetrix said...

Now, when you say small....

Carrie said...

. . it just might fit you! It won't fit S____ M_____ due to excessive hair, and E_______ G______ already has a slightly small hat that I made her a few years back. Seriously, I don't think I've ever made a hat that fit my intended victim/giftee. Send me your new address and maybe it will land in SC!

jennifer. said...

Fabulous hat! Too bad my thick hair gives me a 'big head' - makes hat making troublesome!

I think the dashed cross on the top balances with the skulls design, too.