Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Nice and Cozy

I finished knitting these at last, and fulled them a little in the dryer. The colors are really pretty, and the pattern was easy to follow, but these took a lot longer to finish than they should have because I kept getting distracted. I might need to full them again--I finished them late yesterday evening and wanted to get them on the lovely blue sock blockers right away. I'm not sure why the toes turned out so pointy, but they don't look pointy when they are on, so keep it to yourself, buster.

My 100 miles by April goal is coming along, I'm at 18.63 miles so far. Most of this has been on the treadmill, because the weather has been bad for outdoor activities--at least for activities that involve small dogs on leashes. It's amazing what a little gadget (and a bunch of other knitters running) will do for my motivation.


Beverly said...

Your socks are so cheery and cute! Pointy toes? I don't see pointy toes?

Carrie said...

I looked at them again this morning, and I think that I ended up Kitchener-ing from the wrong stitch--the seam seems to go over the toe instead of across it. Argh!