Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Lost Knitting . . . . Found (?)

One of the things that emerged from S____ M_____'s basement is the bag of yarn above--it arrived on my doorstep today, along with 8 other boxes full of crap. Before I left Boston for grad school in 2001, I seriously pared down my stash of yarn and WIPs, at least partly due to a moth infestation that had gone unnoticed. It was kind of a relief--for instance, I got rid of the black and red lacy mohair sweater that I started prior to 1991 but had not touched since maybe 1992. I don't remember all that was spurned, but I don't miss any of it. And honestly, I don't think I missed much from this bag, although it contains yarn for some WIPs. Among the contents are:
  • Yarn for a Rowan cardigan that I've been carrying around and not working on, one that I may or may not still have a pattern for.
  • Yarn for a Dale of Norway cardigan that was stored in a box marked "Three Knitting Projects" that I may or may not still have the pattern for
  • An unfinished teddy bear sweater
  • Yarn left over from this outfit made for J____ L_____, who is now at least 10 if not 11 years old. It took me a really long time to knit, and J____ could only wear it for a few weeks (if that) before she outgrew it. Her younger sister was s-l-i-g-h-t-l-y heavy as a baby, and maybe only wore it once.
  • Yarn left over from a colorful tea cozy that I once made for S_____ M______
  • 1.4 slippers knit of brown sheep worsted. No trace of pattern, no recollection of ever having knit these
  • One pink cotton baby bootie.
  • One ball of cookie-monster blue Berroco Chinchilla, left over from a sad attempt to knit a furry hat for A___ M______. As usual, I was a victim of gauge--in that I was too lazy to swatch.
  • A Rowan design sweater that is one of the first sweaters I ever finished after taking up "real" knitting in 1989. I think that the pattern had the word "posy" in it. It is cream, a color I pretty much never wear, and has fussy/cutsey details including a scalloped collar and slightly gathered shoulders. Totally not my style, but maybe I can start wearing it to work, if it washes up well, since I don't really care much what I wear to work.

I'm a little bit apprehesive about the possibility of a moth infestation in this bag, although the knitted fabrics to appear to be o.k. It was all sealed up in a Space Bag, and still seemed to be really sealed before I opened it up over New Year's weekend. I'm keeping it segregated until after I wash the posy cardigan, in case any bad things show up.

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