Sunday, January 28, 2007

If only I knew any gigantic beatniks

Among the items that emerged from S____'s basement in December was a beret that I knit sometime between 1997 and 2001. Or maybe earlier, I can't really say for sure--all I know is that I knit it, but never felted it. The luxuries of Somerville were many (faux brick backsplash, lobster lights on glassed in porch, convenient landing storage, etc.) but an in-unit washer and dryer were not among them. Felting at the local laundromat? Not a great option. On Sunday night, I put the beret in the wash, and ran it through the wash cycle maybe three times, and here's how it looked:


Still a little on the big side, wouldn't you say? The ruler below it is a 12.5 inch square, so this baby is about 15 inches across. Also, it looks like I may have used two different dye lots on this hat--note the darker inner circle. I will continue felting it, but I'm not convinced that this will ever be small enough to fit a human head. In that case, I can always use the felt for embellishments for something else. Let's hope it gets a little smaller, at least.

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