Sunday, January 21, 2007

A Long Walk With a Short-Legged Dog

What's that?

Poor Frieda--look at all of the rain on her coat!

Typical Northwest winter weather seems to be back, instead of the crazy weather of the past couple of weeks. It's a nice change (though a little sun would be better), and a good opportunity to clock some Runagogo miles outside instead of schlepping to the Y. I only ran/walked about 5.6 miles last week, a little less than planned, so I took Frieda for a 3.39 mile walk to the Game Farm Park. This was possibly her longest walk ever--she's been to this park before, but we usually drive there because it's down a very steep hill. She was a very good sport, especially considering the rain that started about a mile into the walk. My total to date is 25.64 miles, or basically on track--I need about 8 miles a week in order to get to 100 by April 1.

Game Farm Park

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