Saturday, September 02, 2006

Bumbershoot - Day One

Whew, am I tired—it was a long, hot day at Bumbershoot. I didn’t take any photos while I was there, but here’s a summary of Day One:

What I Heard

I jumped around a lot, so I didn’t see any full sets. Too tired to add links tonight . .

Korby Lenker
The Swains
Mark Pickerel & His Praying Hands
Jamie Lidell
Alejandro Escovedo

I also saw Erik Larson (author of The Devil in White City) and Sara Gruen (author of Water for Elephants) read from their works and talk about the writing process. Very entertaining, with the added bonus of taking place in an air-conditioned room. I loved The Devil in White City, and I’m adding Water for Elephants to my to-read list.

What I Bought

A t-shirt from a booth at Flatstock, the rock-poster exhibit. The artist is Diana Sudyka, it has lovely silver seahorses on it.

Seven skeins of Misti Alpaca Silk, for the previously ripped out shawl, from the Hilltop Yarn booth. Also a skein of Hemp yarn & pattern to make the spa cloth featured on the Hilltop Blog.

Three pattern sets from Sublime Stitching: Unicorns, rock, and pirates. Unfortunately no dachshund patterns. Frieda is angry!!! But she'll get over it when I make her a little unicorn jacket, I think.

What I Ate

Fruit Smoothie (good, and possibly healthy)
Potstickers (good)
Burrito (bland and dripped on my shirt, good thing I bought a new shirt)
Ginger Limeade (not as good as it sounds)
One slice of pizza (good)

I took along a knitting project to work on while sitting around, but I ended up walking around between events, so I didn't get very much done. It's a Norwegian-style hat in Dale of Norway Heilo yarn. The main color is charcoal, and the contrast is off-white. Can you see the pattern?

I used a little Disco in the provisional cast-on--once the outside of the hat is done, I'll cut away the Disco, pick up the stitches, and knit the lining. Or that's the theory, anyway--I haven't done this before.

Possibly I'll write more (or provide photographic evidence), but based on what the kids are wearing, the 1980's are back in full force. Pat Benetar inspired tight striped shirts were everywhere, that's the main thing I noticed. Maybe it's the Republican white house to blame (remember Mr. Reagan?), I can't say for sure.


Anonymous said...

Wow - you met Erik Larson? Great book (Devil in the White City), easy to read, I think I read the whole thing in like three days.

The real question is...did you smell any cheebah at the concert...hmmm...?

Carrie said...

Much of the cheebah smell was drowned out by patchouli, or hovered near the reggae stage. I did see a woman who wore a legalize pot hat and seemed to be smoking near the Americana/roots music stage. What was more interesting about her is that her dog wore a vest that said "ask to pet me, I'm friendly," yet the only person who attempted to pet the dog almost lost a hand. I should have stuck around to see if Rainbow Man and mean dog lady intersected at all.