Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Live to Knit Another Day

It's Wednesday, and I'm still alive in Sock Wars. The suspense is killing me, but in the meantime I've worked a little on the Print O' The Wave shawl, and am keeping an eye on the mailbox and catching up on the knitting blogs. Crazy Aunt Purl requested photos of favorite knitting spots, so I sent her this:

This is the chair that I knit in the most, and the knitting clutter is all over the living room--basket next to chair, books and magazines behind the chair and on the fireplace, skein winder on fireplace, too. Here's the view while I'm actually knitting (yes, I wear troll pajamas):
Mariners are leading Oakland 5 to 4 in this photo. Will baseball season ever be over? Once the World Series is done, it's time to start hoping for a better season next year. It could happen, people.

Missing from these photos is Gretel, who chose to sit by herself for once, in the popular dog carseat.

I blame the unseasonably warm weather today--usually they are both right next to each other, even though Frieda hates it when Gretel touches her.

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Sheryl said...

What cute little angels. I have a 65 lb Catahoula who thinks she is the size of Gretel. You have quite the knitting set-up. I am jealous. I too am still alive in Sock Wars....but for how long?