Monday, September 25, 2006

First (Last?) Pair Down and Sent

This afternoon I sent off my finished Sock Wars socks, they are headed towards my target. She dyes yarn, check out her Etsy store, the colors are beautiful and make me wonder if my Puyallup Fair yarn is anywhere near as pretty. I do like this yarn, it held up beautifully to washing and drying, which I did even at the risk of ruining the socks and starting over. Nobody wants their socks to smell like Little Stinky.

Here's how they turned out:

Very, Very, Very bright.

But oh, so artistic in black and white.

Forget that rhyming crap. Here's some detail of the grafted toe. I think this toe turned out better than the other one--I'm not very good at the Kitchener stitch, even though I read the directions over and over and over.

I've made contact with my assasinator, but the villain gave me no clues as to when I will be dead. I think that my target may still be able to take out her target before my socks reach her, it all depends on the US Mail. If I survive the week, I'll be happy that the mail does take some time--I'm going to three baseball games this week (pure torture), and I'm swamped at work and at home with other things. If I was starting another pair of socks today, I would not be happy. It is very nice to have finished an item, though!

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grrrlartist said...

hey, thanks for posting on my blog ... here's one back atchya! i used Norwegian Spirit Smart Superwash, as i wanted my target to be free to machine wash if desired :) i love your nice orange color, even if you got different colors ... this was fun, yes? i haven't heard from my assassin, or gotten anything in the mail, so we'll see what happens. happy knitting!