Monday, September 04, 2006

Bumbershoot - Day Three

I was only at Bumbershoot for about four hours today, and I opted out of staying an extra four or five hours to see Nouvelle Vague. I'm a little sad about not seeing them, but I thought that staying out late after three full days of sun might be a mistake. Here's the wrap-up:

What I Heard
All of the music that I saw today was pleasant enough, but ultimately forgettable. I decline to name names.

What I Ate
Pork Teriyaki Skewer
Strawberry Lemonade
Beef Bratwurst

What I Bought
Two skeins of luscious Blue Sky Alpacas' Royal Alpaca in antique black from the Hilltop Yarn booth. It should be enough to make a good sized lacy scarf of some sort. Of course, if I start saving up now, I could buy another couple of skeins before Christmas, assuming that any is left (and there probably won't be).

Other Things I Saw
The best event that I attended was a panel featuring Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (a/k/a the Yarn Harlot), Shoshana Berger from ReadyMade magazine, and Jenny Hart from Sublime Stitching. The discussion centered around the resurgence of crafts over the last five or six years, very cool. It's hard to write anything about it that isn't too sum-up-ish, so I'll just say that I really enjoyed it and was glad that I'd brought Stephanie's book along for signing. If only I'd also had the unicorn patterns with me! Darn!

I didn't take any photos at Bumbershoot, but here's the progress on the hat I started on Friday and worked on at the festival (and at home, too). I think that the pattern is becoming much more evident:

The pattern is "We Call Them Pirates" from Hello Yarn. It appears that it might be a little smaller than expected (I didn't swatch), although it might be my gigantic head that is the problem.

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Wendee said...

Oh, isn't that Blue Sky Royal alpaca lovely? So so soft. It's on my must have list - but I better hurry - when it's gone, it's gone...