Sunday, September 03, 2006

Bumbershoot - Day Two

The temperature was a little more temperate today, the crowds just as heavy. Here's the summary:

What I Heard

West Valley Highway

The New Pornographers

Also . .

New Fangs
Crystal Skulls

West Valley Highway was today's favorite, although the New Pornographers also rocked. Between the New Fangs and the Crystal Skulls, which would you guess was a tougher band? Would you guess that they were a similar level of toughness? You are wrong. The New Fangs were very fast loud punk rock of the most convincing sort. They played indoors at the EMP, possibly to keep their angry punk energy from tainting the Fun Forest (aka the carnival rides) just outside. The Crystal Skulls rocked a lot less hard, more melodic. Their website notes the following review:

The Washington Post Clean, tight and tuneful.

I would agree with that, and wish that I'd seen more of their set.

What I Ate
Teriyaki Chicken Skewer
Strawberry Shortcake
Hawaiian Burger

What I Bought
Nothing at all . . . but I saw some things that I'll take another look at tomorrow. I thought about a henna tattoo, but there weren't any Unicorn patterns, none of the others were sufficiently ironic.

Other Things I Saw

This guy swirled those chiffon pieces around during the West Valley Highway set. You can't see it clearly here, but he was wearing a skirt--and not a manly Utilikilt. I can't believe that[insert your name here] let her boyfriend come to the festival without her!

In literary news, Gary Shteyngart read from his novel Absurdistan (and was hilarious), and Laila Lalami read from Hope and Other Dangerous Pursuits. The works, and authors, seemed very dissimilar, but both were very good readers. Absurdistan is one of the best books I've read this year, and I also really liked The Russian Debutante's Handbook and feel like I should go back and reread it soon.

Bumbershoot is not all fun and games, however--it's also about product testing! The green square has been holding up well. Although I could have taken the photo below in my backyard, I did not. And I am wearing the skirt that matches the corner straps, as further proof that I did actually make both items.

There was also some progress on the Norwegian hat, but I'll photograph it for another post.

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Eva said...

I suppose if you want to re-read The Russian Deb I better return it to you.