Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Print O' The Wave

ARRRRRRRGH! Mom picked up a stool for me today, I wanted something that I could sit on during the rare moments that my computer is at a desk instead of parked next to the Lazy-Boy. The stool is bar stool height, instead of short. "This stool be high", says I. It's talk like a pirate day. The perfect day to start another Pirate Hat, but not enough time to go to the yarn store.

Instead, I display the beginnings of what could be a very nice shawl-sized scarf. It's the Print O' the Wave shawl . Here's how it looks:

I'm using Blue Sky Alpaca's Royal Alpaca, in the Antique Black. It's really more of a dark brown, and it's incredibly soft. Let's hope I have enough to make this a decent size, and enough patience to go through another night like last night--knit five rows, pick out three, knit three more. It does look very nice so far, doesn't it?

So the Sissyvette house is in a little disarray, due to a bathroom renovation (love that YMCA shower!) and I've got to cut this short. Renovation photos coming soon--prepare yourselves.

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