Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Productive Saturday

Busy day today . . .

  • Hot Yoga in Ballard first thing in the morning
  • On the way home, run errands, including a stop at a farm stand for pickling cucumbers
  • Prepare 5 lbs. of cucumbers & 3 onions for pickling (they soak overnight)
  • Can six jars of hot pickled green beans
  • Prepare crumble topping from the delicious Craigie Street Bistrot
  • Finish one knitted Christmas present
  • Re-felt the blue and charcoal striped bag
  • Rip out a tricky swatch for a wrap that I'm working on. It was painful, but I made some mistakes in the yarn-overs on the right side. And I'm not sure that I like the look of this yarn in this pattern--I think that I may have bought the wrong yarn, and not enough of it at that.

Anyway, this seems like a lot of work for one Saturday, and I have to finish the cucumber pickles tomorrow. What was I thinking??

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