Saturday, August 26, 2006

Any Project Can Last Forever

So back in June when I went to my college reunion, I neglected to bring any hostess gifts with me for the people who let me stay with them and/or kept an eye on Frieda while I mingled with classmates and pretended to be successful. I promised E_____ G______ that I would make her a skirt, because she was such a good sport about housing me and Frieda in her no-pets allowed apartment. For instance, she must have had to do at least three loads of laundry related to my visit, at a laundromat down the street. And she cheerfully scrambled an egg for Frieda when I called from the Mass Pike and told her that Frieda's dog food was in my luggage at Logan Airport (long story).

Anyhoo, it's almost September and the skirt is not yet finished. Other things (like the knitting craze, and the heat wave) came up, and my quest to complete it has failed. I'm teaching myself to use French Seams, which essentially doubles the work. It's not just that I'm lazy, though--today I decided I would work on it, and one of the first things I did was burn three of the fingers on my left hand. It burns, E____, it burns!! French Seams involve a LOT of ironing, and whenever my fingers got near the iron it hurt, so once again the project has stalled. But here are some photos, so that E____ can at least see that the skirt is not imaginary, and that it isn't the sequin-spangled circus theme monstronsity that I've been telling her about.

Here's a French Seam on the inside:

Look--no raw edges!

And here's where the skirt meets the flounce:

The pattern is from Favorite Things, it's the Cute Skirt Pattern. I think that this skirt will be really cute, assuming that I can find a couple of accident free hours to finish it up. It will still be good for fall, won't it? It's mostly black, after all!

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