Sunday, August 27, 2006

Stu, etc.

Stu (the whole pair) is finished, as the photo on the right shows. Nine days for one pair of socks isn't too bad, especially given my hectic baseball schedule. The Mariners have had a pretty good week, they won two out of the three games I went to and three others as well. The series wins against the Yankees & Red Sox would feel better if we still had a chance to win the AL West, though.

Frieda and Gretel highly recommend this story about Picasso in the New York Times, although they object to the characterization of the dachshund as "a sausage with four short legs and two pointed ears".

What's next in the Sock Wars prep, you ask? Learning to knit two socks on one set of needles at the same time! Mom and I have signed up for a class at Renaissance Yarns, a yarn shop that recently opened in Kent. Also, I have a new sock started, but there isn't much to show yet. The pattern is "Railroad Rib Socks" from Fiber Trends, the yarn is Trekking XXL, a nice variagated German yarn. I'm not sure if this start is going to take, because it looks like the sock could end up larger than planned, but it needs a little more time.

Bumbershoot is coming next weekend, who do you think I should go and see? I'm mapping out a plan now, but I'm still looking for ideas. For the first time this year, there are some lectures / panels that I'm interested in. The Home Economics features Yarn Harlot and Jenny Hart of Sublime Stitching. Gary Shteyngart is also appearing on a panel, I highly recommend both The Russian Debutante's Handbook and Absurdistan. There are a ton of music options as usual, but I'm indecisive so far. I'd like to see Nouvelle Vague, and Luther "Guitar Jr." Johnson, maybe even Blondie--let me know if there's anyone I shouldn't miss.

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