Sunday, August 13, 2006

I am so close to being almost momentarily famous

This summer the Mariners held their second annual Stitch N' Pitch night, and my photo made another knitters' blog:

Purl of a Girl: Stitch N' Pitch 2

I was wearing my felted baseball bag, made from a Hilltop Yarn pattern and a shirt from the store, too. I thought it was funny that the baseball bag got a ton of comments at this particular game--I've taken it to maybe 15 other games this season, and it barely gets any notice so I forget that it's such a great pattern. I wasn't at Stitch N' Pitch last year, but I saw the sample last winter and had to make it for my trip to Spring Training. This bag set off my felted bag craze, too.

Back to this year--the game itself stunk, but since we were high up on the third deck and way out in left field it was hard to concentrate on the baseball. Plus, people all around us were working on interesting projects, and there were lots of vendors to check out. I brought home a kit for felted dog toys (don't tell Frieda and Gretel), and a pair of baseball needles:

My suspicion is that it will take more time to make the dog toys than it will for the dogs to destroy them, which is part of the reason that I haven't started them yet. Any opinions out there on which colors to start with?


neeter said...

That green is lovely. Pair that with what looks like orangey-coral. Purty!

Yarn Fairy said...

I to went to the Stitch and Pitch this year it was a blast. I'm Shawn ~Yarn Fairy or Quiltinfairy~ from Shoreline wouldn't it be funny if in the sock wars we got each other? How fast can you knitt socks? Shawnsluvinhands@comcast net