Thursday, August 17, 2006

Disco Stu . . . Likes Disco Music

In preparation for Sock Wars 2006, I'm teaching myself to knit socks in the round using the Magic Loop method. Basically, this method allows one to knit a tube using a circular needle instead of multiple double pointed needles. It's incredibly straightforward--so much so that I regret having spent $8 on the booklet that explains it.

To practice this, I am using Schoeller + Stahl yarn, and a pattern called Crusoe. I picked this yarn the name of the yarn is "Disco", and I hereby name this pair of socks Stu. Silver flecks of some sort are spun into the yarn, you can slightly see the glinting. And the ball band has some sort of advertising narrative printed on the inside in German. My poor German has grown increasingly rusty, but I think that the last sentence reads something like "let your self be surprised by the beautiful, exotic color-play--as colorful as life!" Who says Disco Stu doesn't advertise?

Here's a first look at Stu, just the start of the rolled top. The needles for the yarn are Skacel Addi #1, 40 inch circular. For those of you who are not avid knitters, #1 = very small. Another cool thing about this yarn is that it should create stripes through no effort by me. Yippee, no effort! Except the effort of turning 460 yards of yarn into two socks, that is.

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