Saturday, August 19, 2006

Cupcake Surprise

Recently I went to Boston for a very short trip to see The Neighborhoods play a rock show on the cape. I was flying standby on some heavy travel days, and ended up spending more time travelling (including the drive to/from the Cape) than pretty much anything else. On top of that, I convinced two friends to drop all other plans for the weekend, drive me to the Cape, drive me to the show, share an expensive but poorly-appointed motel room with a college friend they barely knew. One of these friends recently underwent finger surgery while travelling in Germany, and the other also let me crash at her pad on my single night in Boston. After my return, after many guilty hours recalling their sacrifices (and the sacrifices I will again demand the next time the 'Hoods play), I made and sent them each a knitted cupcake.

The cupcakes "papers" are made with two strands of yarn, the yellow yarn is called "bambino" and the green yarn is Dale Babygarn. The frosting is a pink novelty yarn that I picked up at JoAnn fabrics, I've lost the label. The pattern is from One Skein by Leigh Radford.

The cupcakes were pretty popular at the office, where they were squeezed, smashed, fake-eaten, and pelted over cubicle walls. These are almost impossible NOT to throw at things, they are just the right size but can't actually cause much damage--at least not the kind of damage that a real cupcake could supply.

Gretel tried to get in on the act, both during the creation and the photography of the cupcakes. She sees no problem with getting into yarn and tearing it apart, at least not until she gets caught.

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