Sunday, August 20, 2006

Lazy Sunday (or should I say weekend)

Every extremely productive weekend must be offset by a weekend like this one, a weekend spent mostly in front of the television, or actively avoiding effort of any kind. Gretel was spayed on Friday, so she's supposed to be kept from running and jumping. No trips to the dog park, no walk/run around the neighborhood, and a lot of telling her not to jump. It's hot here by NW standards, so that's another deterrent from doing anything much!

To sum up this weekend's big stories (pathetic, I know):

The Seattle Mariners just lost their 11th game in a row. I've got tickets for three games next week, two against the Yankees and one against the Red Sox. It's going to be a loooooooog week at Safeco.

Here's what Gretel has been doing for most of the day:

Here's what Frieda has been doing for most of the day, since her sparring partner has been leaving her alone:

But even this weekend is not without accomplishments! I've finished Stu sock 1:

The lessons I've learned are:

  • the it's tough to graft a toe when the yarn isn't very smooth or tightly spun
  • my normal cast on is probably a little tight for socks
  • these socks are going to look awesome with my blue, square-toed Wolky clogs

I've started sock 2, but am eager to start another pair to try the two-socks-at-once magic loop method. Sock Wars are coming!


neeter said...

i really like how stu turned out. very impressive for your first sock. goes to show that yarn choice makes a huge difference since i didn't really care for the colorway used in the crusoe pattern on knitty and pretty much ignored it, but really like the sock in your color and would make it. what did you think of the magic loop method?

Carrie said...

The magic loop was great--it eliminates the problem of the stitches sliding off of the dpns. I did pull some of the stitches off a few times, but that was to be expected. Hopefully, the 2nd sock will be done soon and I can start another pair. I hope that Sock Wars will use a slightly bigger gauge, but it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.