Saturday, May 30, 2009

And Then, There Were Two


Even though it now seems likely that I won't be going to Sock Summit, and I feel totally sick about it, I did finish my second square for Larissa's Barn Raising Quilt fundraiser. It's knit from Socks that Rock in Olive Garden (left over from this scarf), with a little Smooshy going around the edges because I ran out of yarn. I'm reblocking the first block, because I'm an idiot and blocked it to the wrong size. My original plan was to knit five, but that was before I committed to knitting the Blue Garter Shawl during the same time. I'm sure that my failure won't be a problem--it sounds like a lot of people who didn't commit to a specific number of squares have contributed.

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ruthee... said...

Sad about Sock Summit! =( Barn Raising blocks are lovely, though.