Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Is it Really So, Really So Strange?

That instead of knitting, or trying to prepare materials so that someone else can register for Sock Summit for me (I'm unavailable when registration opens), or getting some much needed sleep, I'm doing this:


Yes, it's a trash bag for my new car. Yes, it features VW vans on it! All of the materials came from my stash, even the vinyl that I lined it with. I don't really remember what I was planning to DO with that vinyl (don't say pants, E____ or R____), but I was glad that I had it--it should be easy to wipe clean. I'm by no means a neat freak (or much of a cleaner at all), but I hate it when I end up with a lot of paper trash in the car, or when it ends up in my purse instead. Especially straw wrappers--those drive me crazy.

I saw a very similar bag on Craftzine, with a link to a tutorial that doesn't exist anymore. It looks like the woman who designed the bag has taken down the tutorial and is selling bags that she's made, and they are really nice--her shop is here. Totally superior to my half-assed version(you can't see what sloppy buttonholes I made in this photo!), and if I hadn't had the VW fabric on hand I would have bought one instead of making it.

Hoping to get some serious knitting time in this weekend (and maybe even to have something to show for it)!

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Toby said...

Trash bag? It looks too nice for that. My first thought was, "what a great idea to hold my sock yarn while I'm riding along in the car knitting!"

May have to improvise something similar for myself!