Saturday, May 02, 2009

I Just Want To Fly


Oh, it's hard to take a picture of a shawl, when you're not willing to be in the photograph. But it's done, and I'm pretty pleased with it. The edging turned out a little more ruffley than I expected, but I think that a little more length to the edging (or severe blocking) would probably have taken care of that. The edging is Blue Sky Alpaca's Alpaca Sport, and it's a little denser than the blue Rowan felted tweed, so that could be a factor too. I hope that it will be a popular item (it's for a raffle for my local college alumnae chapter), or at least that whoever wins the basket it's in won't immediately donate it to another charitable cause!

I can easily see myself making one of these for myself, although I'll probably wait awhile. It's been nice to do a little work on other projects over the last couple of days, and to start a little something new:

Kiila Toe

Another Sock Knitter's Anonymous challenge--the May Mystery Sock! The pattern is called Kiila (Rav Link), which means gusset in Finnish, and it's designed by the wonderful Yarnissima so I'm really looking forward to seeing how it shapes up. I'm using Smooshy that I bought at Stitch N Pitch last year, the color is Happy Forest. Intuitively, I know that this is a soft, spongey wool, but it feels stiff and a little scratchy after that soft Alpaca sport border. Weird, huh? Must be careful not to turn into a person who will only knit cashmere and alpaca . . .

Anyway, I'm enjoying the pattern even though the sock has not been totally trouble-free. I took the photo above last night, before ripping back to the beginning of the chart that starts at the top of the toe. It's hard to see it well here, but there was either an extra row in the first cable group or something else was going on--it didn't look quite right, and there was also excessive laddering on the left side. I've reknit as much as I ripped back and a little more, and I feel better about the results. The problem may well have been just trying to keep the tension even, rather than my inability to follow a 4-stitch, 6 row chart, but either way it's looking better now.


Walden said...

The shawl looks beautiful. I like the slight variation in the green yarn you are using for the sock.

tiennie said...

The shawl is beautiful! I'm sure it'll be a popular item!

Therese said...

Congratulations on finishing the shawl up - and right on schedule!

I know exactly what you mean about getting spoiled working with soft, squishy yarn. After finishing up a hat in Posh Helena, I just cast on for another one in Cascade 220. Ugh! Definitely suffering in comparison.